Sarah Cronin is a designer and maker who brings organic beauty and functional precision to hand crafted metalwork.

She is a celebrated jeweller and designer who has worked for high end international and local clientele, both as a maker and a manager of procurement, manufacturing and retail processes.

Sarah has built her own consultancy and workshop from the ground up and has been celebrated in trade shows on international platforms, from Vogue to House and Leisure. A highly experienced designer with an artisanal touch. Sarah is passionate about quality and creative integrity across the design process, from manufacturing and production to design and retail.

Inspired by indigenous African flora, Sarah Cronin designs and manufactures bespoke water sculptures, lighting and wall art installations. Each piece is hand sculptured from pure copper or brass, hand beaten and rolled into organic sculptural shapes.

Sarah Cronin designs strikes that rare balance that creative, yet commercially minded designers do to make beautiful, functional design accessible to many.

Our range of work can be viewed by appointment at our studio at the much celebrated Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, or at various design trade shows nationally. Contact us for an appointment or find out where we will be next.

"Absolutely wonderful"
Katja Noh Lund - Walvis Bay, Namibia

"You make dreams reality"
Christine Poppe - Minneapolis

"A master designer"
Jon Tang - New South Wales, Australia

"Passion and art that leaves a legacy"
Bev Van Niekerk - South Africa

"For the longest time I’ve admired Sarah’s beautiful creations, and now I have a treasured piece in my garden. Sarah worked patiently through a number of ideas, until we both felt the design comprised everything I wanted, as well as functional beauty."
Lesley McDonald

Water sculptures


Wall Art & Objects


Studio 5D
Victoria Yards
Johannesburg 2094

email: sarah@sarahcronindesigns.com
tel: (+27) 766199188